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Yorkshire Duathlon 2021

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Stockton Duathlon 2019

Please note. The 5 year BTF categories shown are for are for qualification purposes only. They are not the race prize categories. Please see Race Information page for details of prize categories.

Stockton Duathlon 2018

Mixed conditions, but well done to most for keeping the rubber down.

Stockton Duathlon 2017

Perfect summers day, great racing

Stockton Duathlon 2016

Pretty cold start but warmed up and turned into a great days racing.

Stockton Duathlon 2015

the day turned out to be sunny but breezy despite all that the weather men wanted to throw at us earlier in the week. It was a great day of racing by all. These are the final results - 2/5/15

Stockton Duathlon 2014

Stockton Duathlon 2013