Rules & Regulations

All TriHard triathlons and duathlons are sanctioned by the BTF and as such are bound to abide by their rules and regulations. There are some additional rules for draft-legal races, please see below before entering a draft -legal race.

Each race will have a chief BTF trained referee and usually trained assistant referees. There will also be National Escort Group trained motorcycle referees. All other event marshals and officials can also act as referees assistants.

The role of all of these people is to ensure fair play and the safe running of the event.

There are many rules governing the sport which you can find on the BTF website. However the ones that are generally the most infringed and you really need to know are listed in the next section.

The full British Triathlon Rule Book can be found here.


During the race must be worn and fastened before you remove your bike from the racking and until you place it back on the racking before your second run.

Transition Area

There is no cycling in the transition area at any time. The cycle mount and dismount points will be marked outside the transition area. Space is limited, only take into transition what you need for the race. Helmets, shoes and other equipment must be stored neatly at your racking point and not impeding other competitors. New BT rule for 2016. No large hard boxes in transition...

Outside Assistance

Once the race has started you cannot accept any outside assistance other than that provided by marshals or other race officials. Things like taking food or drink from persons out on the course or mechnical assistance are prohibited.

Drafting Rules

Drafting Rules


Drafting or taking pace off another cyclist is not permitted. There must be at least 10m between cyclists on the road. If you are overtaken it is your responsibility to drop back at least 10m before you can attempt to pass them again.


All officials and marshals are volunteers, races could not take place without them. Abuse will result in disqualification.


Any littering during the race will result in DQ. Food wrappers etc can be tucked in the leg of your shorts until you can dispose of them properly.

Motor Cycle Marshals

Are there to ensure that you are riding responsibly and safely and within BTF rules, particuarly drafting.They have no authority to stop or control traffic in any way. If they consider that you are infringing any rules and if you are lucky they may warn you first. Failure to heed that advice will result in a penalty or DQ. They are all National Escort Group trained and have also been trained by British Triathlon in the assistant referee role.

Static Marshals

Their role is to be a visible presence, to indicate the route and to summon assistance if any required at their point. They cannot and will not engage in any form of traffic control.

Draft-legal races   ( Redcar Sprint Triathlon Stockton Sprint Duathlon)

Some rules you should be aware of if entering a draft-legal race such as the Redcar Sprint triathlon. The bike rules may look a bit daunting with lots of angles and distances but basically if you you are using a conventional road bike you should be alright.

Key things to note:- no tri-bars or clip-on tri-bars, wheels must have at least 12 spokes and no disc wheels. Note disc brakes are now permitted.

Another interesting rule:- drafting from a person of a different gender is forbidden.

It's well worth reading the linked document below to avoid problems on race day.