Half Iron cycle route extended to 56 miles for 2020


Transition Area and general site Plan

Swim Route  -  Short Course 1000m | Long Course 2000m


The swim course will be 1000m per lap. Short race does 1 lap, long race does 2 laps.

There will be safety kayaks and a rescue launch. If you get into difficulty, don’t panic, it’s hard to sink in a wetsuit. Lie on your back and hold an arm directly upwards, one of the kayaks will then attend to you. They will then tow you to the shore or to the safety launch if necessary. The swim course will be marked with 1.5m high yellow buoys.

Cycle Route  -  Quarter Iron Route 1 large lap = 28 miles Half Iron Route 2 large laps + 1 small lap = 56 miles


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The roads will all be open to other traffic. It is your responsibility to negotiate safely around the route and to comply with all road traffic regulations.

There is a 3.9 mile leg out to the circuit, a lap of the circuit is 20 miles then 3.9 miles back to the transition area. The short course race does 1 lap of the circuit and the long race does 2 long laps then 1 short lap via Lowther Castle to make 56 miles total distance. The course is definitely undulating and very attractive but also has a drag strip along the A6 for the bums up heads down aficionados.

There are 3 unavoidable right turns within the first 4 miles, however the roads are fairly quite and visibility is good at all the locations, however remember marshals cannot control traffic and it is your responsibility to negotiate all of the course safely.

The route will be signed and all key points will be marshalled, however it is the competitor’s responsibility to know the route, so at least check it out on a reasonable map, better still drive it or ride it prior to the race. It is a long hard ride, you will need food with you and I would suggest 2 drinks bottles which you should make sure you consume before arriving at T2.

We strongly advise that you ride with a rear light illuminated. 

Long Course Run Route - 21k

The long race run course has changed. The original route around Fusedale was not popular with many, we have also now been able to create a 21k run section. We have therefore cut out the second fell section along Fusedale and extended road section. The route is the same as the old route as far as the first feed station. From there follow the marked path to join the road near to Old Martindale Church. Follow this beautiful dead-end lane to the turn point just before the road end at Dale Head. From the turn retrace to the feed station. From there drop down past the Howtown Hotel and follow the lakeside road back to the finish.

   Click image to enlarge. More detail and profile here

The run is a mix of road, path and fell. Footwear is your choice, I strongly recommend fell shoes that have some cushioning for the road section, light racing flats are probably not suitable. There will be an Aid Station on the long course which you will pass at 9.5k and 14k. This will be situated where the run leaves the fell path at Martindale Church. Water and food will be available at the Aid Station. If you wish we will take a drinks bottle for you to the run Aid Station for you. Please ensure that your race number is displayed on the bottle and place in correct basket outside the registration marquee on Sunday morning.

If taking a drink at the aid station YOU MUST STOP, DRINK AND DEPOSIT YOU CUP IN THE BIN PROVIDED BEFORE CONTINUING. The slinging of plastic cups will result in your disqualification.

In the event of poor weather, particularly poor visibility, the run route may be changed. I have seen snow in June in this area. Please do not put yourself, fellow competitors and the rescue services at risk by not being suitably prepared. The last 3 ½ miles of the run are on-road.

Short Course Run Route

quarter-iron-run-route        quarter-iron-run-profile-copy

The route is a mix of trail and road. Footware is your choice, I would recommend off-road shoes and definately not light weight racing flats. The course follows the same route as the long couse route for the first 4.2 miles where you turn right before reaching Howtown. You cut down through Swarthbeck Farm onto the lakeside road before returning along Howtown Road to the finish. There will be no drinks stations on the route. Make sure you are fully hydrated before leaving Transition 2.

Bike Feed Station (long race only)

Bike Feed Station (long race only)

This will be available just after the start of  your second and shorter third lap on the bike. If you want to take advantage of this you must bring a bottle with your own food and drink and place in the baskets provided outside the registration marque before race start on Sunday morning. There will be sticky labels there, write your race number on a label and then stick it to your bottle.  This will then be taken to the feed station. Bottles will be set out in number order, you must stop and find your own bottle, marshals will assist if necessary . There will be a bin for discarded bottles/rubbish.

Run Feed Station  (long race only)

You pass this location twice after 9.5k  and then again after 14k. If you want your own bottle taking to this feed please deposit it in the appropriate box outside the registration tent on the race morning. There will be labels at registration which you can put your race number on to stick to your bottle. There will be water and food there.


This section should not be necessary, however it is. This race takes place in an environmentally sensitive area.  It is not acceptable to drop any litter, energy bar/gel wrappers or anything else on any part of the course. It is a criminal offence and if caught doing so by any race official will result in disqualification. It is easy to tuck any wrappers etc into the leg of your shorts while you are racing and dispose of correctly when you finish.

Fell runners please note:- in triathlon the idea is that everyone does the same route. This also applies to the swim and the bike. Taking short cuts will result in disqualification and may also jeopardise the future of the event.