Race Information

This page is currently under construction and the information may not be accurate at present.

Registration and bike racking for the full and half Dalesman events will be on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd. Full timetable details to follow.

Ripon Racecourse, Boroughbridge Road, Ripon HG4 1UG. what3words (destroyer.awaiting.stilted)

Follow the signs when you arrive at the racecourse. Follow the car park attendants instructions. There is a fee of £3 for the day or £5 for the entire weekend.

There is camping and caravanning on the racecourse next to the transition area. Early booking is strongly advised as space is limited. Details to follow. Ripon City Centre is about a 15 minute walk from the racecourse. There are hotels and other levels of accommodation in the City. Please use google or similar to make your decisions.

Registration times to follow, but Full and Half Dalesman registration and bike racking will be on Saturday afternoon only. At registration you will receive a goody bag containing, race numbers, bike tag, swim hat and other race goodies.

Please check that you have been given the correct timing chip - it should have the same number on it as your race number.


You will be issued with 2 numbers, a bike number and timing chip at registration. One number is to be displayed to the front for the run and the other to the rear for the cycle section. You can use race belts but please ensure your number is clearly displayed as above. Do not pin the middle of your number to the belt as it will fold in half and be impossible to read. Race number needs to be visible for the benefit of race officials and time keepers. Please write your emergency contact details on the back of your race number. If you have any medical conditions which you have informed us of and feel that they are relevant to the race please write these on the back of your race number as well.

Timing Chip

You will be given an orange timing chip and neoprene ankle strap at registration. Please immediately attach the chip to the strap. If you find that you have to force it on you are doing it incorrectly, please ask rather than damage the strap. Put it on as soon as you are issued with it at registration. If you leave it in your car, house, kit bag, you won't get a time. Top Tip ~ Don’t wear the chip on top of your wetsuit. Best to have it under your wetsuit leg if possible

Please avoid crossing the timing mats once the race has started other than to record your time. Your chip will be removed very shortly after crossing the finish line, however should you manage to escape from the finish corral before your chip is removed avoid crossing any of the timing mats. THERE WILL BE A £10 FEE FOR LOST OR NON-RETUNED CHIPS

The transition area is for competitors and officials only. Before you head for transition make sure you have your bike number attached around your seat-post and your bib number available for checking.

Space is limited please only bring what is essential for the race into the transition area. MP3 players, telephones and similar devices are not allowed to be used in the transition area, this includes prior to, during and after the race. Infringements will incur a penalty.

Please ensure your bike is racked correctly. Ask an official if unsure.

When leaving transition post-race your bib number will be checked against your bike number, please have them available.

There are adequate toilet and some showering facilities in the registration building near to the transition area. Forward plan if possible to avoid the queues that there always are just before the start of a race.

Full and Half Dalesman only

This will take place on the Saturday Evening after the inclusive pre-race meal. Attendance is compulsory, the race briefing will cover route and discipline reminders as well as any last minute changes which may have been made.

There will be a very short micro briefing immediately prior to the race starts.

Quarter Dalesman

The briefing for this race will take place near to transition immediately prior to the race start.

There are simple practises that swimmers should be advised to adopt to minimise the risk of infections:

  • Cover all cuts and abrasions, however minor, with sticking plasters. You should not consider swimming if you have deep cuts.
  • Wash hands in fresh water before eating after you have swum.
  • Take a full shower at the earliest opportunity.
  • Try not to ingest water whilst swimming.

Wetsuit Cleaning. Important
Before arriving at the race please ensure that your wetsuit is cleaned and dried from your previous swim. We ask you to do this to prevent the spread of waterborne non-native invasive species.

Please click here to find out why this is so important and what you need to do.

AquaBike - this will be run in conjunction with the main triathlon. Wave allocation will be dependant on your submitted swim time. When you have completed the cycle section, dismount at the same line as the triathletes. Run across the racecourse then instead of going into T2 turn right where there will be some bike racking. Hang your bike there and then run into the finish straight and under the finish arch to finish. When you have had your timing chip removed and recovered sufficiently please collect your bike as it will not be secure on the AquaBike racking.

Relay Teams - this will be run in conjunction with the main triathlon. Wave allocation will be dependant on your submitted swim time. Your timing chip is your baton. The swimmer must wear the chip around their ankle, the cyclist waits in the changeover area ready to go, but without bike. The swimmer then hands the chip to the cyclist. The cyclist must attach the chip to their ankle then go to their allocated bike racking point to collect their bike and continue. On return the cyclist must rack their bike first then go to the changeover area hand the chip to their runner. The runner must attach the timing chip around their ankle before leaving the changeover area and setting of for the run.

British Triathlon Day Membership

If you are not a current British Triathlon Race License holder you should have paid an additional £5 for BT day membership when entered the race. We will have this recorded on the registration sheets and you do not need to print it and bring it with you..If you did not pay the additional £5 and you do not have a race licence then you will have to pay the additional £5 at registration. The electronic version of your licence is acceptable, but be sure to download it before you arrive just in case you cant get a phone signal.

Swim - Into T1 2h 20m
Bike - Into T2. 10h 30m
Run - End or third large loop. 16h

Any runners still on the run route when dusk falls will be issued with a head torch and reflective band