Briefing Notes

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If you think you may be a late finisher, if you have one or can get one, can you bring a head torch. We have supply which we will hand out to those setting out when it gets dark, but you may prefer your own and we don't know how many will still be out after dark.

Drinks on the bike will be handed to you if marshals are able, but they will not hand it up to you while you are moving for obvious reasons. There will be a large builders bag just before the drinks feed to deposit your empty bottles into.


There are no card facilities at the cafe on the racecourse or car park . You will need cash.

There will be a bike mechanic on site for any minor repairs/adjustments. The nearest bike shop is Moonglu Cycles, 57 Blossomgate, Ripon HG4 2AN.

It may rain, I strongly advise that you fit at least a rear cycle light.

Don't forget to bring a pump on Sunday morning. Tyres may need topping up.

Campsite and car park gates will be closed at 10pm, they will not be locked.