Briefing Notes

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Car Parking - it will greatly ease things on Sunday morning if you pre-book car parking by ringing Park Foot Campsite on 017684 86309. If you don't manage to do that you must bring £5 cash, not card or phone ,or you won't get parked.


For those that can't make registration on Saturday (15:00-17:00) registration opens at 06:45 on Sunday morning until 07:50. Transition closes at 08:00


Registration - Please queue 2m socially distanced and wear a face covering. Only enter the marque when the marshal at the entrance directs you to a registration table.

Pre-race bike racking - Please spend a minimum of time setting up your transition place. If you are lingering one of the marshals will ask you to hurry up. Face coverings must be worn. Strict one-way system through transition, you will not be permitted to exit via the entry point. (in and out as per the race plan). No bags or boxes left in transition other than is essential for the race. No bags or boxes left at side of transition.

Spectators - Are now permitted but should socially distance and wear face coverings when in areas with other people. Avoid crowding at the finish.

Finish - continue along the finish chute, collect your medal, find an open space, then collapse.

Presentation - there will not be one. Prize vouchers will be posted out.

The 2021 race results link is now on the 'results & photo' page. No need to queue at timing van for your times.

Late entries are now open, they will pay extra and may not get a t-shirt.

Updated 04/06/2021

Bottle drop (1/2 Iron Distance Race Only)

There will be aid stations about 1 mile into the second and third (short lap) lap of the  bike course (longer race only) and and also at the 5 and 9.4 mile points (same place) on the 1/2 Iron run section. If you would like to have a bottle (not glass) taken to any of these points please bring it with you on the morning of the race and deposit it/them in the appropriate box outside the registration marquee. Please note you will have to stop and pick up your bottle, they will be left in number order which means that you will have to put your race number on your bottle beforehand.

Race Start Time

08.30 All swimmers in both races must be out of transition before the race start time. Long race, 2 swim laps, will go first. Short race, 1 lap, will start as soon as long race swimmers are well on their second lap.

Covid rules mean that it will be individual starts from the lake shore separated by around 5 seconds. Your time will start when you cross the start mat.

Short Safety Briefing. 

Time 8.15am for both races. To be held near to transition area


Transition opens at 6:45am and closes 08.00

Race Route

There are no anticipated changes to the course at this stage.

Wetsuit Cleaning. 

Please be aware that waterborne non-native invasive species are a real problem. Please take some time to read the leaflet linked below and ensure that your wetsuit is clean and dry before you arrive at Pooley Bridge.

After the race and before you leave Park Foot you must wash all items that you took into the water with you.  There will be a washing station near to transition and you must comply with the washing instructions given. This is not optional it is a condition of our use of the lake and will be monitored by Natural England.