Briefing Notes

Last Updated - 30/05/2019 

Hydration reminder

It's forecast to get warmer, a bit, by the weekend. Be aware that you need to set off on the run fully hydrated. My advice is to take two bottles on the bike and make sure you drink them both. There are no drinks stations on the shorter race so consider taking a drink with you. Better to stop for 30 seconds to get rid of fluid (at an appropriate place of course) than to have to crawl the last 2k because you are dehydrated. 


  • Wave 1 1/2 Iron Distance Race Start 08.30 Green Swim Caps
  • Wave 2 1/4 Iron Distance Race As soon as last swimmer in wave 1 has completed 1.75 laps White Swim Caps

The short race is 1 lap of 1000m, the long race is 2 laps = 2000m. All athletes must be clear of transition before wave 1 starts.


Saturday 3pm-5pm in the Registration Marquee as shown on the transition plan

Sunday 6:45am-7.30am - Emergency Registration only in the Registration Marquee as shown on the the transition plan

Bottle drop (1/2 Iron Distance Race Only)

There will be aid stations about 1 mile into the second lap of the long bike course (longer race) and and also at the 5 and 9.4 mile points (same place) on the 1/2 Iron run section. If you would like to have a bottle (not glass) taken to any of these points please bring it with you on the morning of the race and deposit it/them in th appropriate box outside the registration marquee. Please note you will have to stop and pick up your bottle, they will be left in number order which means that you will have to put your race number on your bottle beforehand.

Race Start Time

08.30 All swimmers in both races must be out of transition before the race start time. This is to allow competitors in earlier waves to have unimpeded access through transition.

There is no option of changing waves.

Race Briefing

Time 8.00am for both races. To be held near to transition area


Transition opens at 6:45am and closes 08.00

 Race Route

There are no anticipated changes to the course at this stage.

Prize Presentation

1/4 IM Distance Race - Aiming for midday.

1/2 IM Distance Race - There will two prize presentations, the first one at 3pm provided there are a reasonable number of prize winners home at that point, the second at 17:30 for the second group of prize winners.

Prizes will be for the first 3 males and females in each age category. AquaBike first 3 males and females overall. First relay team.

Wetsuit Cleaning. 

Please be aware that waterborne non-native invasive species are a real problem. Please take some time to read the leaflet linked below and ensure that your wetsuit is clean and dry before you arrive at Pooley Bridge.

After the race and before you leave Park Foot you must wash all items that you took into the water with you.  There will be a washing station near to transition and you must comply with the washing instuctions given. This is not optional it is a condition of our use of the lake and will be monitored by Natural England.