Briefing Notes

5/9/20 Swim Cut-off

This won't affect most people. If anyone has not completed the first lap of the swim within 30 mins of the last person starting they will not be permitted to do the second lap.

3/9/20 Cut-off Times

Because of the pro race and extended start the cut-off times have been extended by 1h 20m. Cut-off for leaving T2 is now 2:50pm and for Red Tarn 4:20pm



This is the advice from British Triathlon

  • Spectators are to be discouraged from attending events. However, it is acknowledged that non-competing persons may need to attend the event with a competitor. All non-competing persons must maintain social distancing from all other people and refrain from being in high traffic areas.

Waiting for your start

As you should know the starts have to be individual starts. The pros will start first, the pro men will have to be onto their second swim lap before we start the age groupers. Depending on your start position you could be waiting for around an hour before your start and after transition has been cleared. We cannot provide a bag drop (covid regs) but you may need something to stay warm in.

If you don't have someone with you that you can leave clothing with my suggestion is that you bring some clothing that you are not going to be too upset about should it go missing and place it in a bin bag or similar, then leave it somewhere where you think you will be able to find it after the race. Perhaps put an identifying mark on the bag, sticker or ribbon. A good place to store them could be in the trees along the roadside behind the registration marquee. Socially distanced naturally.

2020 Race Is Go

Albeit with changes enforced by the coronavirus pandemic. It is really important that you make yourself fully familiar with the changes. These measures are for everyone's safety. If you do not intend to make yourself familiar with them or observe them when you arrive please do not come. All information is contained within these briefing notes and the race information tabs.

Run Maps

There will be professionally printed waterproof maps of the run route available from race registration for £1 each. These will be suitable for the race. Could also make a good race souvenir.

Pre-race wetsuit check

New requirement from Natural England - You must bring your wetsuit and goggles clean and dry to registration for checking. You will not be allowed to register if you do not. If they are damp or appear not to be clean you will be required to wash then prior to registering.

Swim - 2 laps = 1500m 

Exit lake at end of lap one. If you wish you may then continue to transition and start the bike leg, but if you only do one lap you will be given a time but you will not count in any prize category. To qualify for prizes you should re-enter the lake and complete a second lap.


2m social distancing must be observed. No bikes in the marquee regardless of weather.

Saturday 3pm-6.45pm in the Registration Marquee as shown on the transition plan.

Sunday 6:45am-7.45am - Emergency Registration only in the Registration Marquee as shown on the the transition plan

Race Start Time

08.30 Athletes will start at 5 second intervals in number order. You must be out of transition and ready to swim by 08:15 regardless of start position.

Race Briefing

No formal race briefing. Race information and briefing notes must be fully understood before attendance. There may be PA announcements regarding any late changes should they be necessary.


Transition opens at 6:45am and closes 08.15. Please observe the one way system. At racking point observe 1m+ social distancing. 2m elsewhere.

Absolutely no boxes anywhere in transition. Bring only what you need for the race and can be kept at your racking point in a soft bag. Bag for life or similar is ideal.

Race Route

Other than the different swim format there are no planned changes to the route.

No Prize Prize Presentation

Prizes will be posted to prize winners.

Prizes will be for the first 3 males and females in each age category

First male/female AquaBike

Post-race Wetsuit Cleaning 

Please be aware that waterborne non-native invasive species are a real problem.  Ensure that your wetsuit and goggles are clean and dry before you arrive at registration.

After the race and before you leave transition you must wash all items that you took into the water with you.  There will be a washing station near to transition and you must comply with the washing instructions given. This is not optional it is a condition of our use of the lake and will be monitored by Natural England.