Briefing Notes

Last Updated September 1st 2017

For clarification Saturday registration is open 3pm - 6.45pm not 5pm as previously stated. 

These notes are specific to the 2017 and should be read in conjunction with the more general Race Information

Pre-race wetsuit check

New requirement from Natural England - You must bring your wetsuit and goggles clean and dry to registration for checking. You will not be allowed to register if you do not. If they are damp or appear not to be clean you will be required to wash then prior to registering.

Swim - 1 lap = 1 mile

  • Wave 1 Start 08.30 White Swim Caps
  • Wave 2  Start 08.35 Green Swim Caps
  • Wave 3  Start 08.40 Orange Swim Caps


Saturday 3pm-6.45pm in the Registration Marquee as shown on the transition plan

Sunday 6:45am-7.45am - Emergency Registration only in the Registration Marquee as shown on the the transition plan

Race Start Time

08.30 All swimmers must be ready to start at this time.

There is no option of changing waves.

Race Briefing

Time 8.00am. To be held near to transition area


Transition opens at 6:45am and closes 08.00

 Race Route

There are no anticipated changes to the course at this stage.

Prize Presentation

Overall first 3 individual males and females

Prizes will be for the first 3 males and females in each age category

First Relay Team

Post-race Wetsuit Cleaning. 

Please be aware that waterborne non-native invasive species are a real problem.  Ensure that your wetsuit and goggles are clean and dry before you arrive at registration.

After the race and before you leave transition you must wash all items that you took into the water with you.  There will be a washing station near to transition and you must comply with the washing instuctions given. This is not optional it is a condition of our use of the lake and will be monitored by Natural England.