Race Information

This page is for general information about the Ripon Hornblower Duathlon. If there are any changes made after March 20th then a "Briefing Notes" page will be created which is where any last minute changes will be recorded.

Minimum Ages

16yrs on 31/12/2018 (must have parental consent if under 18)

Race Location

Ripon Grammar School, Clotherholme Road, Ripon, HG4 2DG. Please note there is no parking on the school site. See advice on the 'car parking' tab.

Car Parking

Parking is not available in the school grounds. For event safety reasons as it is the start and finish of the bike route please do not park in Clotherholme Road east of the school entrance. There is street parking in the vicinity. See map below.


Registration will take place in the main school hall. If you paid the lower BTF members entry fee you must produce your current BTF race licence. if not you will have to pay an extra £5 for a BTF day licence. No arguments on this please, licence or £5. We will have a record of all who have paid the non-BTF members fee at registration . You will then be issued with your race number, bike number tag and timing chip. If you paid extra for a race shirt this will also be issued at registration. Registration will open at 8:30 and close at 10:00.

Race Briefing

This will take place near to the transition area at 10:10, attendance is compulsory for all entrants.

Race Start Time

At present there is one start time planned, 10:30. If numbers require there will be two start waves.


You will be issued with 2 numbers, a bike tag and timing chip at registration. One number is to be displayed to the front for the runs and the other to the rear for the cycle section. You can use race belts but please ensure your number is clearly displayed as above. Do not pin the middle of your number to the belt as it will fold in half and be impossible to read. Race number needs to be visible for the benefit of race referees and time keepers. Please write your emergency contact details on the back of your race number. If you have any medical conditions which you have informed us of and feel that they are relevant to the race please write these on the back of your race number as well.

Timing Chip

This must be worn around your ankle using the strap provided. Put it on as soon as you are issued with it at registration. If you leave it in your car, house, kit bag, you won't get a time. Please avoid crossing the timing mats once the race has started other than to record your time. Your chip will be removed very shortly after crossing the finish line, however should you manage to escape from the finish corral before your chip is removed avoid crossing any of the timing mats. THERE WILL BE A £10 FEE FOR LOST OR NON-RETUNED CHIPS and remember...we know where you live!

Transition area

The transition area is strictly for competitors and officials only. This is for safety and security.

Please attach the bike tag to your bike, suggest around the saddle rail, before checking into transition. This will be checked against your race number when you remove your bike from transition after the race.

Please also note that the use of mobile phones and iPods, etc... is prohibited in the transition area as well as out on the bike and run courses.

Changing and Toilets There will be limited changing facilities. Toilet are situated near to registration in the main school building.


You are responsible for your own safety. Once leaving the school grounds all roads are open to the public and normal road traffic regulations apply. Marshals cannot stop or direct traffic, they are there to indicate the route and render assistance if necessary.


Tea, coffee, bacon butties and cake will be available from the refreshemnt marquee. Thank you Caroline from the Spa Gardens Cafe.

Prize Presentation

Will be as soon as possible once all of the category prize winners have finished and any penalties have been taken into account. There will be prizes for the first three male and female in Junior (under 19) Senior (Under 40) Vet 40 (40-49) Vet 50 (50-59) Supervet (60+)


There are countless scenarios which may cause a change to the planned arrangements for any race and it is not possible to list them all. However the more foreseeable are:  Cycle: If part of the cycle course becomes unsuitable then an alternative course will be considered or if delays are anticipated on part of the course, eg. temporary traffic lights, then a deduction in time will be made for affected riders. Run: If any part of the run route becomes unsuitable then an alternative route or diversion around the affected part of the route will be considered. ANY CHANGES TO THE PLANNED FORMAT OR ROUTE WILL BE POSTED IN THE RACE BRIEFING NOTES AS SOON AS THEY ARE KNOWN.


There will be a post race sports massage service provided by qualified masseurs. This service is provided free of charge by local sports therapist Nathan Fox. There will be opportunity for both pre and post race massage, get your name on the list early if you want one. There will be a donations bucket, I'm sure if Nathan hears the clink of coins or the more pleasing soft waft of notes landing in the bucket it will inspire him to give you an even more invigorating massage.

British Triathlon Day Membership

If you are not a current British Triathlon Race License holder you should have paid an additional £5 for BT day membership when entered the race . This is an electronic version of the day_membership form. We will have this recorded on the registration sheets and you do not need to print it and bring it with you..If you did not pay the additional £5 and you do not have a race licence then you will have to pay the additional £5 at registration.