Race Information

General Race Information

This page is currently being updated with the new course and event details

This page is for general information about the race, any changes specific  to the current race can be found on the 'Briefing Notes' page.

Rules and Regulations

Race HQ Location

The Stay, Coast Road, Redcar, TS10 3AX. Near to The Stray Cafe.

Transition Area

The transition area is for competitors and officials only. Space is limited please only bring what is essential for the race into the transition area. Ensure your helmet fits correctly, it will be checked. To save queuing at transition checkin please wear your helmet and have your bike number attached to your seat post. It will need to be checked against your bib number, so have that handy too.

MP3 players and similar devices are not allowed to be used in the transition area and this includes prior to, during and after the race. Infringements will incur a penalty.

Please ensure your bike is racked correctly. Ask an official if unsure.

In fairness to all competitors taking part, you will not be allowed back into transition until the last runner from the last wave is out on the run course. If you can plan to have some post race clothing outside transition.

When removing your equipment after the race please have your bib number handy as it will be checked against your bike number.

Car Parking

Negotiations are in progress at the present time.


Registration will be in Tuned In 15.00-18.00 on Saturday 24th July preferably, if you really can't make that then the Sunday morning from 07:30-09:20. If you paid the lower BTF members entry fee you must produce your current BTF race licence (official BTF phone versions are acceptable). If not then you will need to pay an extra £5 for a day licence. This is for insurance purposes so no arguments on this please. If you are not a British Triathlon member and have paid the non BTF member entry fee you become a BTF member for the day. We have a record so you do not need to bring a copy of the day licence.

At registration you will receive, race numbers, bike tag, timing chip, t-shirt if ordered and paid for. We do not issue bags so please bring one if you feel it will be necessary.

Please check that you have been given the correct timing chip - it should have the same number on it as your race number.


You will be issued with 2 numbers, a bike tag and timing chip at registration. One number is to be displayed to the front for the run and the other to the rear for the cycle section. You can use race belts but please ensure your number is clearly displayed as above. Do not pin the middle of your number to the belt as it will fold in half and be impossible to read. Race number needs to be visible for the benefit of race officials and time keepers. Please write your emergency contact details on the back of your race number. If you have any medical conditions which you have informed us of and feel that they are relevant to the race please write these on the back of your race number as well. Do not fold or cut your number at all as this is against BTF rules and will result in a penalty or disqualification.

Timing Chip

You will be given an orange timing chip and neoprene ankle strap at registration. Please immediately attach the chip to the strap. If you find that you have to force it on you are doing it incorrectly, please ask rather than damage the strap. Put it on as soon as you are issued with it at registration. If you leave it in your car, house, kit bag, you won't get a time.

Prize Presentation

This will be as soon as possible after the race has finished. Please be patient, the more you hassle the longer it takes. Prizes, individual race will be for first 3 male and female in Jnr (U20), Snr (20-39), Vet 40, Vet 50, 60+. Team race will be dependant on numbers and make-up of teams.


There are countless scenarios which may cause a change to the planned arrangements for any race and it is not possible to list them all. However the more foreseeable are: Swim; There are very many reasons that may cause the swim to have to be cancelled. If that is the case then a preliminary run will be held to separate competitors before they take to their bikes.  Cycle: If part of the cycle course becomes unsuitable then an alternative course will be considered or if delays are anticipated on part of the course, eg. temporary traffic lights, then a deduction in time will be made for affected riders. Run: If any part of the run route becomes unsuitable then an alternative route or diversion around the affected part of the route will be considered. ANY CHANGES TO THE PLANNED FORMAT OR ROUTE WILL BE POSTED IN THE RACE BRIEFING NOTES AS SOON AS THEY ARE KNOWN.


Here is a link to the Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council accommodation list . There is also accommodation in the northern part of North Yorkshire. I would suggest google search and check reviews.

British Triathlon Day Membership

If you are not a current British Triathlon Race License holder you should have paid an additional £5 for BT day membership when entered the race . This is an electronic version of the BTF Day Membership . We will have this recorded on the registration sheets and you do not need to print it and bring it with you..If you did not pay the additional £5 and you do not have a race licence then you will have to pay the additional £5 at registration.

Please note you are entering a Draft Legal race. Please ensure you comply with the criteria in Section 5 of the British Triathlon Competition Rules regarding racing and equipment. Further information on this can be found here.  https://www.britishtriathlon.org/britain/documents/age-group/policies-and-guidelines/draft-legal-athlete-guidance.pdf

 If you paid for 'refund protection' when you entered the race then please contact Refund Protect directly if you wish to make a claim at hello@refundprotect.me. Refund Protect cover is up to and including the day of the race. If you did not take out refund protection an entry refund will not be made. Having this option enables us to keep our entry fees generally lower.   We do not carry entries over to the following year. 

If you are taking part in the AquaBike race you will start the swim in your allotted wave along with the triathletes. At the end of the bike section do not go into transition but deposit your bike on the racking provided at the end of the finish chute. Then run across the finish line to finish your race. As soon as you have recovered sufficiently please remove your bike from the racking as others may need your space.