Briefing Notes

2019 Briefing Notes 

Last updated 16:30 25/06/2019

The forecast is for 26C over the weekend. Please read the advice on hydration below.

These notes should be read in conjunction with the Race Information


Standard Race (Saturday) - There will be 4 swim waves. The fastest declared swim times will go in wave 1. Wave 2 will start around five minutes later and so on until all waves have departed. Wave 1 will start at 13:00, wave 4 will start around 13:15.

Sprint race (Sunday) - With current numbers there will be 2 waves. Wave 1 will start at 09:00 and wave 2 around 09:05.

The water temperature on the race day will not be known until that day arrives. The BT Chief Technical Officer on the day will make the decision on whether wetsuits are mandatory, optional or prohibited. The technical officer has confirmed that men may have a bare torso for the swim, but not the bike or run.


 There are currently no planned changes to the published bike route


You need to take some responsibility for your own hydration. If it is a very hot day take plenty of fluids on the bike and make sure you drink it. You should not arrive in T2 dehydrated. Perhaps keep a drink in transition just in case. If you need a drink at one of the drinks stations, stop running, take a drink and then continue. Very few people have the ability to drink while running.

There will be water on the run at 1k, 3k, 6k, 9k on the standard race.