Briefing Notes

2018 Briefing Notes (last updated 29/6/2018)

These notes should be read in conjunction with the Race Information


  • Relay teams - Change to the earlier published change-over procedure. Please read the relevant tab on the race information page. 
  • Swim Waves - There will be 4 swim wave starts. Fastest declared swim times will be in wave 1, slowest in wave 4. There will be around 5 minutes between each wave. Therefore, wave 1 will start at 1:00pm and wave 4 around 1:15pm. You will be allocated your wave at registration and not before. 

Swim - The water temperature on the race day will not be known until that day arrives. The BT Chief Technical Officer on the day will make the decision on whether wetsuits are mandatory, optional or prohibited. Presently the lake is near to the upper limit for wetsuits. Be prepared for a no-wetsuit swim. If it is a no-wetsuit swim then trisuits or bathing costumes must be worn. The technical officer has confirmed that men may have a bare torso for the swim, but not the bike or run.

Bike - There is a strong probability that the bike route for both days will be amended slightly because of a road closure that NY Highways did not inform us of. The section that is likely to be closed is from the A168 roundabout at Roecliffe to the Kirby Hill Roundabout junction with the B6265. If used the new route will be through the centre of Boroughbridge  to rejoin the Standard Distance route at Milby roundabout. This will shorten the route to exactly 40k. The Sprint Distance route will follow the same detour to Milby roundabout then following the B6265 to Kirby Hill where it rejoins the original route. To avoid confusion I will not publish maps until Highways have confirmed that they are going ahead with the A168 closure.

Hydration - The forecast is for temperatures in excess of 20C for both days. There will be water after you exit T2 and at 2 points on the Std distance run route and 1 on the Sprint run route. My advice is to make sure that you reach T2 fully hydrated, take 2 bottles on the bike and make sure you drink them.