The Sprint race comprises of a 5k run - 20k cycle - 2.5k run

Start Time 10:00

First Run - 1 Full lap - 5k

The first run route will comprise 2 half laps of 2.5k each. Half lap A is situated on the 50 acre apron in front of the event site and is also used a part of the bike route. Half lap B uses some of the old taxi-ways and part of the main runway and is not used as part of the bike route.

Cycle Route - 3 laps Sprint 20k

Closed road circuit, draft legal. Clockwise direction. Normal rules apply, keep to the left hand side unless overtaking. Please be aware of faster riders particularly on the tighter corners. Female riders cannot take pace of male riders and visa-versa.

Bike laps :- Counting your laps is not feasible for us with so many and often on different laps, you will have to count them yourself. The best method is to use a bike speedo, 3 laps of 6.66k (4.2 miles). So when you are beyond 4.5k (8.5 miles) you are on your last lap.

Second Run - Half lap B - 2.5k

From the transition turn right onto the half lap B route marked in orange on the plan. Finish on completion of half lap B near to transition.