Standard Race Route

The Standard race comprises of a 10k run - 40k cycle - 5k run

Start Time 13:00

The run route for all races has changed

Because of maintenance work on the Millennium Bridge, the footbridge just before the finish, we have had to re-position the finish. This has meant re-working the run routes in order to accommodate the new finish area. It has meant

First Run - 2 laps

Mass start on closed road, run in a clockwise direction around the course. Starting on Riverside Road follow this into North Shore Road, at the Infinity Bridge, do not cross but drop down to the riverside path and follow to the Tees Barrage. Before crossing the Barrage turn left and complete a circuit around the perimeter of the White Water Park. Cross the river via the Barrage footbridge and turn back along Navigation Way. Follow the south shore path past the University buildings and the Infinity bridge, once passed the Barclaycard building the footpath turns along a canal, follow this  to a ramp leading up to University Boulevard. Turn right onto University Blvd keeping to the pavement. Continue to the next roundabout where you turn right again to take you over The Princess of Wales Bridge. Once over the bridge take the path on the right leading back down onto the north shore riverside path. Turn left along the riverside path to the Infinity Bridge where you will continue for a second full lap. After crossing the PoW Bridge for the second time take the footpath down to the north shore path again but the time turn right under the bridge past the event site and into T1.

Cycle Route - 6 laps  - 38.4k

Closed road circuit, exit transition join the course by turning left onto Riverside Road, at the end of Riverside Road u turn to come back along the other side, then follow the road to the left and left again into Church Road, again make a u turn outside of Splash and the Council Buildings and follow Church Road back across the traffic lights, make a further u turn just prior to the roundabout with Portrack Lane, return along Church Road and turn left into Northshore Link Road and then turn right back onto Riverside Road before turn left and going over the Princess Diana bridge, turn left at the first roundabout onto University Boulevard and right at the next onto Harvard Ave, at the next roundabout turn left onto Princeton Drive continue to the next roundabout, make a u turn and retrace your route turning left after going back over Princess Diana Bridge and onto Riverside Road to pass transition and start the second lap, at the end of the sixth lap head into transition.

Bike laps :- Counting your laps is no feasible for us with so many and often on different laps, you will have to count them yourself. The best method is to use a bike speedo, 6 laps of 6.4k (3.98 miles). So when you are beyond 32k (20 miles) you are on your last lap.

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Second Run - 1 lap   - 5k

From T2 follow the Riverside footpath under the Princess of Wales Bridge and follow exactly the same route as lap 2 of the first run to finish on the event site near transition. The final 120m involves a sharp right hand turn taking you back under the bridge and into the finish. EXTRA CARE IS NEEDED HERE PARTICULARLY IN THE EVENT OF A SPRINT FINISH.