The Standard race comprises of a 10k run - 40k cycle - 5k run

Start Time 13:00

First Run - 10k

Mass start on closed road, run in a clockwise direction around the course. See plan below. Run 2 laps of run route A (yellow on plan) then 2 laps of run route B (orange on plan)

Cycle Route - 6 laps  - 40k

Closed road circuit, non-drafting. Exit transition then follow the route in a clockwise direction.

Bike laps :- Counting your laps is no feasible for us with so many and often on different laps, you will have to count them yourself. The best method is to use a bike speedo, 6 laps of 6.66k (4.2 miles). So when you are beyond 33.5k (21 miles) you are on your last lap.

Second Run - 5k

From T2 turn right and complete 2 laps of run loop B (orange on plan). To finish which will be situated near to the transition area.