Dalesman Triathlon Coronavirus Update

2/07/2020 -

Most of us had never heard the word "Coronavirus" when we started planning for the Dalesman Triathlon 2 years ago. Entries opened in the autumn of 2019, all looked encouraging. Then the world changed in March. After a massive national effort, we are now in the that we are likely to be able hold triathlons in some form later this summer which is why we are now re-opening our events.

There will be changes, the main ones of which are listed below. This is not a complete list and may well have to be added to and amended as time progresses. If you decide to enter you must fully accept the changed format and measures that we are obliged to put in place or consider to be appropriate. If you are not prepared to be fully cooperative, then please do not enter.

  • Time trial format - I think that we can confidently assume that social distancing will be around for a while yet. British Triathlon insist all sanctioned events must be in TT format while social distancing rules apply. This means that each swimmer will start individually. The fastest declared swimmer will set off first, followed by the second fastest and so on.
  • Non-competitive - BT have declared that all triathlons taking place within 6 weeks of public pools opening must be non-competitive for safety reasons as most will have had little or no opportunity to maintain swim fitness. As the Dalesman is a long distance race it will be non-competitive this year. The swim will now be laps of 960m (1/4 the full distance) and as it is non-competitive you can decide how many laps you swim for the Half and Full. You have the opportunity to complete the Full or Half Distance Challenge with a 4 or 2 lap swim respectively, but if you feel more comfortable reducing your swim distance you also have the opportunity to do so. All finishers will receive t-shirt and medal and full finish times including split times and age categories will be published.
  • Transition area - The current BT view is that bike racking social distancing can be 1m+. At all other times 2m applies. Time spent in transition pre and post race must be kept to an absolute minimum. A strict one way system will apply at all times. You really do only need to bring what you need for the race to transition, therefore large bags and boxes are banned. This Ikea Frakta bag is ideal, and only 40p.
  • Aid Stations - We cannot provide food or drink for you during the race. For the full and half distance races we will provide bags for you to put your own food/drink in and we will take them to the aid stations for you out on the course. They will be placed in number order, you must stop, take your own food/drink and place the bag back neatly in position before continuing. There will be emergency water only on the course. You can keep food/drink at your transition place.
  • Catering - We are currently working with our caterers to ensure that we can safely deliver our planned pre-and post-race food. We are hopeful that this can be achieved, but if not , an appropriate refund will be made.
  • Camping - Is permitted but there are limited toilet/washing/ showering facilities. If you do intend to camp it will greatly assist if you can be self-sufficient in terms of facilities. Clearly this is not always possible if you are under canvas. On site facilities will be regularly cleaned but will be closed overnight from late evening. There will be some portable toilets for overnight emergencies.
  • Spectators - This is the advice from British Triathlon

Spectators are to be discouraged from attending events. However, it is acknowledged that non-competing persons may need to attend the event with a competitor. All non-competing persons must maintain social distancing from all other people and refrain from being in high traffic areas.