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A Day In The Lakes Triathlon

Sunday June 19 | Pooley Bridge Ullswater

A Day In The Lakes Triathlon

There are no major climbs on the bike route over fabulous roads with enough undulation to keep the climbers happy. If you like lying over your handlebars you will enjoy the section along the A6.

The challenging mostly off-road run was amended in 2019 and is now exactly 13.2 miles. The Quarter Iron run route is also challenging but beautiful. Both routes have spectacular views along Ullswater. Both runs are a mix of trail, path and road.

There are first class camping facilities on the event site making it a great weekend away for clubs particularly now there is a choice of two race distances.

Race HQ Location

Park Foot Camping and Caravan Site, Pooley Bridge, CA10 2NA. As you approach Park Foot the triathlon field is on the right hand side of Howtown Road.

For Saturday registration enter the camp site entrance on the right hand side and continue to the triathlon field.

Sunday all vehicles enter via the field gate on the right before the main camp site as directed.


Registration will be in the marquee on the triathlon field Saturday between 3-5pm. There will be emergency registration only on the Sunday morning time, see current briefing notes. Sunday will be a long day for athletes and marshals alike so we need to get started promptly. If you can’t register on the Saturday please arrive in good time on Sunday registration opening at 0700.

f you paid the lower BTF members entry fee you must produce your current BTF race licence. If not then you will need to pay an extra £5 for a day licence. This is for insurance purposes. If we are not happy you have valid insurance we can’t let you race, so no arguments on this please. If you are not a British Triathlon member and have paid the non BTF member entry this is your BTF Day Membership. You do not need to bring this, we have a record of everyone who has paid for it.

At registration you will receive, race numbers, bike tag and any other race goodies.

Please check that you have been given the correct timing chip – it should have the same number on it as your race number.


You will be issued with 2 bib numbers, a bike number. One number is to be displayed to the front for the run and the other to the rear for the cycle section. You can use race belts but please ensure your number is clearly displayed as above. Do not pin the middle of your number to the belt as it will fold in half and be impossible to read. Race number needs to be visible for the benefit of race officials and time keepers. Please write your emergency contact details on the back of your race number. If you have any medical conditions you feel that they are relevant to the race please write these on the back of both race numbers. The bike number  must be attached around your bike seat pillar prior to taking your bike into transition. Your bib number will be checked against your bike number when removing your bike from transition.

Timing Chip

You will be given a timing chip and neoprene ankle strap at registration. Please immediately attach the chip to the strap. If you find that you have to force it on you are doing it incorrectly, please ask rather than damage the strap. Put it on as soon as you are issued with it at registration. If you leave it in your car, house, kit bag etc you won’t get a time.

Race Starts Times

Middle distance wave will start at 08.30. When most of the middle distance athletes are on their second swim lap the Quarter distance wave will start. Both distance athletes must be ready to start at 0830.

Car Parking

£5 fee must be paid in advance to Park Foot Campsite. You need to book car parking via This Link. If you are camping then you do not need to pay extra for car parking.

You must park in the designated triathlon field. Please do not park elsewhere on the camp site. Parking on Howtown road is not permitted as this will jeopardise safety, upset local residents and generate complaints to local police. The entrance into the car park is a right turn directly into the transition field from Howtown Rd. Do not go via the main camp site entrance as you will not be able to reach the car parking area. Ignore car parking as shown on the the plan here. It has changed very last minute and unable to update the plan. New run exit is still as the plan.

Important note for spectators and supporters  –  For safety reasons you will not be able to take your car out of the car park until the last competitor has cleared the swim/bike transition (T1). If you do take your car from the car park you will then not be able to return it there until the last competitor has cleared the bike/run transition (T2)

Safety Briefing

This will take place in the transition area prior to the start of the races and is compulsory for all entrants, the race briefing will cover route and discipline reminders and any last minute changes which have been made. Attendance is important. Time will be tight, be in your wetsuit and ready to get in the water immediately the brief finishes.

Camping and caravan facilities are first rate. Please book directly with Park Foot Campsite. If you do plan to camp please use in the field set aside for the triathlon as indicated on the plan. You will need to be up early on race day and it is unfair to disturb other campers not connected with the race. This field should also be quieter the night before. Before pitching please register and pay at the main site reception. Inform them that you are with the triathlon and they will direct you to the appropriate area. Park Foot have a minimum two nights booking policy for weekends during the summer months.

Please be aware, Park Foot is a large camp site and is occasionally targeted by traveling criminals. Do not leave equipment, bikes etc, insecure in or on vehicles unattended. In general if you see something you are not happy about make a note and report it to the local police.

Transition Area

The transition area is strictly for competitors and officials only. This is for safety and security.

  • Bring only what is essential for your race in a small bag that can safely be left at your racking point without impeding other athletes.
  • There are no bag drop facilities. Bags/boxes to the edge of transition please.

Please attach the bike number around your seat- post before checking into transition. This will be checked against your race number when you remove your bike from transition after the race.

Please also note that the use of mobile phones and iPods, etc is prohibited in the transition area as well as out on the bike and run courses.

There is a toilet block in the transition field. There are also toilets and showers on the adjoining camping field about 400m from transition. There are also lots of excellent toilets and showering facilities on the main campsite on the opposite side of Howtown Rd which we can use. Plan ahead if possible, five minutes before the safety brief is not the best time to start thinking about it.

Wetsuit Cleaning. Important

Before arriving at the race please ensure that your wetsuit is cleaned and dried from your previous swim. We ask you to do this to prevent the spread of waterborne non-native invasive species.

Please click here to find out why this is so important and what you need to do.

We have to obtain permission from Natural England to hold the swim element of this event in Ullswater as it is a SSSI. The consent is given only on condition that we ensure that any items taken into the lake are washed prior to leaving the site. There will be a wetsuit washing area in the transition. You must take your wetsuit, hat and goggles to be washed before leaving the transition area after the race. Also take your race number, once your wetsuit has been washed to the satisfaction of the steward your number will be endorsed. You may then take your wetsuit along with all other equipment out of the transition area. Basically we kidnap your bike until your wetsuit is cleaned.

Please be aware that waterborne non-native invasive species are a real problem. Please take some time to read this leaflet and ensure that your wetsuit is clean and dry before you arrive at Glenridding.

Health & Hygiene

There are simple practises that swimmers should be advised to adopt to minimise the risk of infections further:

  • Cover all cuts and abrasions, however minor, with sticking plasters. You should not consider swimming if you have deep cuts.
  • Wash hands in fresh water before eating after you have swum.
  • Take a full shower at the earliest opportunity.
  • Try not to ingest water whilst swimming.

Cut-Off Times – Long Race Only

It is our intention to give everyone who can finish the course the opportunity to do so, however it is unreasonable to expect marshals to stay on their posts for an indefinite period. You should be aware that if you pass a particular point after the cut-off time you will be doing so in the knowledge that there will be no further marshal assistance and that you do so entirely at your own risk. You will be instructed to remove your chip and marked as DNF.
Cycle Route
– End of cycle lap 1, 24 miles, 11.30
– Transition 2 end of bike 13.45

Run Route
Aid Station 1, 5.5.miles, 15:45:00

Relay Teams

Your timing chip will be your ‘baton’. The swimmer must wear the chip around their ankle. Changeover will be at the bike racking point. The cyclist may be helmeted and ready to go, but the bike must remain racked until they have received and securely fastened the timing chip to their ankle. On returning the cyclist must rack their bike before removing the timing chip. They then hand it to the runner for  who must attach it to their ankle before setting off from the bike racking point. If the chip is carried in any other way than on the ankle of the active participant the team will be disqualified.

AquaBike 1/2 Iron Distance Only

All AquaBikers will be in the Half Iron Distance swim start. Swim and bike sections will be as in the triathlon. At the conclusion of the cycle section do not return into transition. There will be a section of bike racking just after the cycle dismount point on the run-in to the finish. Rack your bike here then run under the finish arch to finish. Once you have had your timing chip removed and recovered sufficiently please collect your bike from the racking as it’s security cannot be guaranteed.

Road Safety

You are responsible for your own safety. The roads will not be closed and there are no exceptions to normal road traffic regulations. Marshals cannot stop traffic, they are there purely there to indicate the route. Please take particular care on the narrower roads and the road between Pooley Bridge and the event site as this can be busy and may also have runners on it.

It is strongly advised that you have a working rear bike light.

Run Safety

In previous editions of this race we insisted that you bring a run bag with you containing various items of safety equipment. The run route has now changed and does not go as high into the fells as before. Although we do not now insist that you have a run bag in case of poor weather we highly recommend that you have some means to take weather protective clothing with you. Shoes suitable for mixed surface running are recommended.


Everyone who participates in Triathlon is entitled to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.

There will be a designated safeguarding officer at the event. If you have any concerns relating to safeguarding please contact the Event Control caravan and they will arrange for the safeguarding officer to contact you.

British Triathlon Policy


There are countless scenarios which may cause a change to the planned arrangements for any race and it is not possible to list them all. However the more foreseeable are: Swim; There are very many reasons that may cause the swim to have to be cancelled. If that is the case then a preliminary run will be held to separate competitors before they take to their bikes.  Cycle: If part of the cycle course becomes unsuitable then an alternative course will be considered. Run: If any part of the run route becomes unsuitable then an alternative route or diversion around the affected part of the route will be considered.



Choose your route carefully. The distance and elevation should give you some indication as to how easy/hard each route is. Please view the GPX files and for further route details below in the Routes section.


Choose your route carefully. The distance and elevation should give you some indication as to how easy/hard each route is. Please view the GPX files and for further route details below in the Routes section.

Swim – Short Course 1000m | Long Course 2000m

The swim course will be 1000m per lap. Short race does 1 lap, long race does 2 laps.

There will be safety kayaks and a rescue launch. If you get into difficulty, don’t panic, it’s hard to sink in a wetsuit. Lie on your back and hold an arm directly upwards, one of the kayaks will then attend to you. They will then tow you to the shore or to the safety launch if necessary. The swim course will be marked with 1.5m high yellow buoys. The swim direction will be dependent on wind direction.

Cycle Route  –  

Quarter Iron Route 1 large lap = 45k  (28 miles).

GPX File can be downloaded from here.

Half Iron Route 2 large laps + 1 small lap = 9ok (56 miles)

GPX file can be downloaded from here


Long Race Run Route

The long race run course has changed since the 2020 edition and is now on distance at . The route is the same as the old route as far as the first feed station. From there follow the marked path to join the road near to Old Martindale Church. Follow this beautiful dead-end lane to the turn point just before the road end at Dale Head. From the turn retrace to the feed station. From there drop down past the Howtown Hotel and follow the lakeside road back to the finish.

The run is a mix of road and path, I strongly recommend shoes suitable for mixed surfaces with some cushioning for the road section, light racing flats are probably not suitable. There will be an Aid Station on the long course which you will pass at 9.5k and 14k. This will be situated where the run leaves the fell path at Martindale Church. Water and food will be available at the Aid Station. If you wish we will take a drinks bottle for you to the run Aid Station for you. Please ensure that your race number is displayed on the bottle and place in correct basket outside the registration marquee on Sunday morning.

If taking a drink at the aid station YOU MUST STOP, DRINK AND DEPOSIT YOU CUP IN THE BIN PROVIDED BEFORE CONTINUING. The inappropriate disposal of cups or other items will result in your disqualification.

Makes sure that you have suitable clothing in the event of poor weather. P. The last 3 ½ miles of the run are on-road.

Short Race Run Route

The route is a mix of trail and road. I would recommend mixed surface running shoes and definitely not light weight racing flats. The course follows the same route as the long course route for the first 4.2 miles where you turn right before reaching Howtown. You cut down through Swarthbeck Farm onto the lakeside road before returning along Howtown Road to the finish. There will be no drinks stations on the route. Make sure you are fully hydrated before leaving Transition 2.

Cycle – Long Race Only

The swim course will be 1000m per lap. Short race does 1 lap, long race does 2 laps.

Bike Feed Station – Long Race Only

This will be available just after the start of  your second and shorter third lap on the bike. If you want to take advantage of this you must bring a bottle with your own food and drink and place in the baskets provided outside the registration marque before race start on Sunday morning. There will be sticky labels there, write your race number on a label and then stick it to your bottle.  This will then be taken to the feed station. Bottles will be set out in number order, you must stop and find your own bottle, marshals will assist if necessary . There will be a bin for discarded bottles/rubbish.

Run Feed Station  – Long Race Only

You pass this location twice after 9.5k  and then again after 14k where there will be water, food and first aid. If you want your own bottle taking to this feed please deposit it in the appropriate box outside the registration tent on the race morning. There will be labels at registration which you can put your race number on to stick to your bottle.


Transition area and general site plan.

Live Briefing Notes

Latest Updates

All competitors are required to check regularly for updates relating to this event

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