Coronavirus Update


We have learned a lot since events were initially wiped out by coronavirus. In September Trihard held the Helvellyn Triathlon with 500 entrants. The event went very well and the day was in no way diminished by measures that we had to put in place to make it covid-secure.

People are now well used to measures such as face covering and social distancing so not too many reminders were necessary. We did have to have individual starts of just a few seconds to establish distancing in the swim, but that really did not detract from the event for 99% of the participants, it was still very much a race.

Until further update from British Triathlon measures agreed between them and the government will remain in place. Like everyone else I very much hope that is not intrude very far into the new year. If nothing changes as well as all of the social distancing measures then the races will have to have individual starts of a few seconds, but they can be competitive.

Draft-legal races cannot take place. This affects Redcar Sprint Triathlon and The Yorkshire Duathlon Sprint race, both of which will be non-drafting races until we are advised otherwise.

  • Time trial format - British Triathlon insist all sanctioned events must be in TT format while social distancing rules apply. This means that each swimmer will start individually. The fastest declared swimmer will set off first, followed by the second fastest and so on.
  • Transition area - The current BT view is that bike racking social distancing can be 1m+. At all other times 2m applies. Time spent in transition pre and post race must be kept to an absolute minimum. A strict one way system will apply at all times. You really do only need to bring what you need for the race to transition, therefore large bags and boxes are banned. This Ikea Frakta bag is ideal, and only 40p.

Rob Wilkins. Trihard Events