Coronavirus Update


In view of the latest British Triathlon update for event organisers we have decided to suspend entries to all events while we carefully consider whether it is feasible for a small company such as Trihard to be able to undertake the massive extra administrative burden and expense needed to make our events fully covid compliant. I thank you for your patience while we do this, but we find ourselves in a continually moving target situation.


It’s starting to look a little more positive for holding outdoor events, including triathlons/duathlons, possibly within the next month or so. However, they are likely to be different from pre-covid events. British Triathlon have done a lot of work to enable us to hold safe events when government restrictions permit. We are currently working through this devising our own policies specific to our events. If and when we do re-open entries this will be explained in full on the relevant race page on the TriHard website.

The two considerations that will have the greatest impact are: -

  1. No competitive triathlons until public swimming pools have been open for at least 6 weeks. I have no idea what date will be used for this condition. It will mean that any triathlons that wish to take place within that period will have to be similar to cycle sportives, no prizes, no ordered times, no winners and no losers. This does not affect duathlons.
  • Social distancing, whatever that may be at the time. This will have a lot of impact on running events but the biggest change to racing will be they will have to be of individual time-trial format with no massed starts. The start time gaps need not be great, it could be just 10 seconds. All races must be non-drafting. 

Social distancing will also impact on transition areas and general administration which will mean that entrant numbers will be severely restricted if and when we feel confident about re-opening entries. Our target date is July 1st, but it is just a target date. 

At the current time The Dalesman Triathlon on August 23rd and Helvellyn Triathlon on September 6th are still on, as are the two duathlons in October. 


Entries to all of our events, even the ones not yet cancelled, have been suspended. They will reopen as soon as government guidance and social distancing measures have been amended to allow us to have confidence that they will be able to take place.

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in allowing us time to assess the coronavirus situation in relation to the impact that it will have on the delivery of our events. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how long this dreadful outbreak will last and how long the necessary social distancing measures that affect us all will need to be in place. 

Currently British Triathlon have withdrawn sanctioning from all events until the end of July this year, we will be following their lead and cancelling or postponing our events in line with BT policy. This means that our events are impacted as follows:-

Ripon Hornblower Duathlon. The rearranged date for this is provisionally October 11th 2020.

Stockton Duathlon. Cancelled. Stockton Borough Council are unable to reschedule this event to the autumn. However, we have secured another closed-road venue at Elvington near York for October 17th 2020. As of 22/05/220 BTF announced cancelation of championship and qualification status for all 2020 BTF races. Therefore the Elvington race will not be a championship race or qualifier.

A Day In The Lakes’ Triathlon. Cancelled. Unable to reschedule this year, next years date June 20th

Redcar Sprint Triathlon. Cancelled (by Redcar & Cleveland BC). Provisional date for 2021 July 25th. Confirmed European Champs Qualifier for 2022.

Dalesman Triathlon. Currently still on August 23rd but subject to change as the situation develops.

Helvellyn Triathlon. Currently still on September 6th but subject to change as the situation develops.

So, what happens to your event entry?

If the event that you entered has had to be cancelled because of government legislation made necessary by the outbreak of coronavirus then there are 4 options available to you. The default position will be option one if the event can be rescheduled to later this year or option 2 if not. Meaning that if you do nothing then this option will be presumed. If option one is your preferred option, you do not need to inform us. If option 1 does not apply to your event ie, it cannot be rescheduled to later this year then option 2 will automatically kick in and your entry will be transferred to the 2021 version. If neither of these options work for you then please inform us which of options 3 or 4 you would like us to implement.

The options are:-

  1. Transfer of your entry to the rescheduling of the event entered in 2020 if that has been possible. 
  2.  If option 1 does not apply to your event, then transfer your entry to the 2021 version of the event assuming government measures have been lifted by then. 
  3. Receive a 100% credit of your entry fee for use against entry for any Trihard event in 2021 or 2022.
  4. Receive a 75% refund of your entry fee. 

Regrettably the event cancellation insurance that we hold for our events does not cover the current pandemic situation. If it did then 100% refunds could have been made. Trihard Events do not qualify for any government assistance that has to date been announced. 

I have copied the relevant paragraph from our entry terms and conditions below.

12. Event Cancellation

If the Event is cancelled for reasons beyond the organisers control, including without limitation fire, storm, act of terrorism, "act of god", serious medical incident, then the Participant will not be entitled to any refund or compensation of other losses and any refund that the Organiser decides to make will be within the absolute discretion of the Organiser. 

I sincerely hope that you and your family stay healthy and suffer minimal disruption because of this awful situation.

Rob Wilkins. Trihard Events