Briefing Notes

2018 Race Briefing Notes. To be read in conjunction with the race information page

Welcome to the sixth Stockton Duathlon. This is a live document and updates will be be made in blue type. I strongly suggest you check these notes for last minute updates before leaving for the event.

For more general information regarding the race please see the Race Information page.


Saturday - in the marquee on the Riverside 3pm-5pm

Sunday - to be held in Marquee on race site 7am-8:30am - priority to be given to Go Tri Super-Sprint competitors
9:30am-10:30am - priority to be given to Sprint competitors
11:30am-12:30pm - for remaining Standard competitors

Transition will be split into 2 sides, with Sprint competitors on one side and Novice and Standard competitors on the other, this will be clearly labelled when you arrive, please check carefully what time your side of transition will be open for you to rack your bikes and collect them again afterwards.

  • 7:00am Both transitions open for all competitors to rack bikes
  • 8:45am Both transition close
  • 9:30am Sprint Transition opens for competitors to rack bikes - Standard competitors will not be able to rack bikes whilst the GoTri Super-sprint is in progress.
  • 10:30am GoTri and Standard transition opens for Novices to collect bikes and Standard competitors to rack bikes
  • 10:45am Sprint Transition closes
  • 12:30pm Sprint Transition open for Sprint competitors to collect bikes
  • 12:45pm Novice and Standard Transition closes - Go Tri entrants will not be able to collect bikes whilst Standard race is in progress
  • 2:00pm Sprint Transition closes down, any bikes not removed by this time will be taken to the Registration Marquee where security is not guaranteed.
  • 4:45pm Go Tri and Standard Transition opens for collection of bikes - this may be earlier if last Standard competitor is out on the run

In general whichever race you are in you will not be permitted re-enter the transition area until the last competitor in that race is out on their second run.